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July  1 -  Here are our 50th year SHS alumni pictures.


Bob Stringer and Mary Woodman representatives of their Stevens High Class of 1961.
The class of 1961 donated $35,000 to the SHS Alumni Assn.
e - Ticker News  July 5, 2011 , Section A has a write up covering this event.

A picture of our
class float in 1991.  Old Fort #4.  (Picture discovered in 2010.)

Alumni Lunch June 13, 2009  (click for a larger picture.)

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Robert Pettit,    Beverly Belisle Hentschel,   Ron Brown,
                      John Breckenridge, David E. Lizotte,
                           Bryant Eaton, Barbara Leahy Putnam, Nancy Miles, John Zerba,
                          Bob Thoresen, David Hale

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Our 50th Reunion (June 2011)


            Hudson Super-Six    Printed in 1922.
         Automobile Routes   Circa 1925  with New Hampshire illustrations.
         Early 1900's  3D Viewer and slides  
         Post Cards of the northeast U.S.  
         New England 1920's Aviation  & Charles Lindbergh
         One Christmas Back In Grandfather's Time  (Circa 1950)   (From the Fish family.)

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